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8tracks Selects: Our Favorite Dance Music


Get that body moving (or dance in your head if your body doesn’t move that way) with our favorite dance songs ever -- spanning a vast range of tastes and sounds.

We’re exploring a crowdfunding path to allow our community to invest and help make 8tracks amazing for years to come. We’d like your feedback. Let us know what you think:

8tracks was founded to showcase the passion and talent of people who care about great music and wish to share it, delivering the perfect playlist for a listener’s taste, time and place. Our DJs and listeners have created and promoted this infinite soundtrack; they should have the opportunity to finance it by taking a stake in the company while we’re still relatively small.

Learn more about the dancetastic 8tracks team:

Cover artwork brought to you by our friend and yours, Maximillian Piras (@maximillian).

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