on October 18, 2016

There’s a shadow coming over the horizon, just on the other side of Thanksgiving, a time of year that, if you’re anything like us, is always met with a deep feeling of dread: the yearly influx of Christmas music. For what seems like an eternity we have variations on the same 4 or 5 songs drilled slowly into our skulls until the sun rises on the New Year and we wake up shaking and sweating, relieved that it’s over but knowing that it’s only a matter of time before it crawls out of the shadows to feast upon our sanity once more.

The way we see it, there’s already a holiday whose whole point is to make us all shaky and sweaty and more importantly have fun while we’re feeling that way...Halloween! So let’s forget about Christmas music altogether and focus on the much more entertaining novelty music of Halloween. The structure is every bit as corny, but instead of being about reindeer and babies or whatever Christmas music is going on about, these songs are about hanging out with oozing swamp monsters and sexy vampires and reanimated corpses. As if that's not enough, when you're listening to Halloween music at a party you can legally call that party a "spooktacular," which is objectively the best type of party you can have.

Here's a collection we put together to soundtrack your next party or - we can't stress enough how great it feels to say this - spooktacular!! We hope that it brings you some joy while you wait helplessly for the grim spectre of Christmas music to return and devour your happiness.

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As a senior citizen barely making it on Social Security I would love to invest, but my rent, heat, meds, food keeps going up and my monthly check remains the same. Wish the amount were more in my ballpark.

WAS JUST CHECKING IF I HAD TO LOG IN. LOL. MY THOUGHTS REGARDING THE PAYMENT OPTIONS... the options were kinda limited, and not really what I am looking for when using a service. I dont mind paying a small fee for listening to music, but 4.99/month might be a bit steep every month, and I think you would loose a lot of listeners. on the other hand 2.5 hours/week for music with adds is too little of music, I'm clocking in at over 15/week. lol . have you guys considered adding a donation box? maybe that would pay for some of the cost it takes to keep this website the way it is?

@jonathan-v-51693 I agree, while I love 8tracks and might donate if the option's available, I can't really see myself staying here if there's an additional cost. At that point I would probably just switch to another platform. Sorry that monetary issues are a concern 8tracks, but I think you might lose your audience if those are the only two options.

I already am a plus member, but I have a very hard time convincing anyone to try 8tracks.com or any 8tracks apps because (a) they think that they need to create an account (even though they don't), and/or (b) they think it will cost money (even though it currently does not). As an 8tracks.com enthusiast, I currently feel that the users are mostly innovators and early adopters, but the offering is insular and esoteric; it does not do a good job of attracting new listeners but rather it scares them away by too aggressively pushing them to log on or create an account. Just let people listen, play the ads (but clean up the choppiness) and quietly offer the ability to create an account or login as an opt in click, and not a splash screen. Give them more of a chance to like it first.

Hello Staff & fellow 8tracks users, I believe we all share the same remorse in reading this wonderful platform could be forcing an ultimatum upon the end user, limiting listen times with more interruptions or paying a costly subscription to continue enjoying this great service. I believe that 8tracks has always been fair in listening to its target audience, so I hope that they can understand that most users, including myself, would discontinue the use of 8tracks if we are torn to choose between those options. I would hate to leave 8tracks after 5 years due to monetary reasons. Please reconsider your efforts to accommodate the people that supported your business thru its growth.

I'm sure the two options you provided were theoretical extremes; but if you really were to limit yourselves to such a small amount of playtime for non-paying users you would be signing your own death warrant. Hundreds of people would leave and hundreds more new customers would never give you a chance in the first place. You have grown because you are free and therefore accessible. You need to preserve the basics of current functions for casual users (even if this means more ads), and provide more serious benefits for serious users if they are to find giving you money worth the 'level up'. (@gem-essence has provided great examples with their deviant art comparison)