on August 15, 2017

As you may know, we turned 9 last week, and we feel so much wiser already.

Growing older has got us feeling somewhat reflective, so this seemed like the perfect time to check in on our emotional and social development, with a little help from WebMD, of course. Let’s see what kind of milestones we’ve accomplished, shall we?

Most children by age 9...

  • Recognize basic social norms and appropriate behavior. Check!
  • Can control their anger most of the time. Yup!
  • Have caring, solid friendships. Doin' fine...
  • Have gained a strong sense of empathy, which is understanding and being sensitive to the feelings of others. This one comes naturally to us.
  • Have more stable emotions than in the previous year. Mood swings may still occur, but not as frequently as before. Really, do you even have to ask??
  • Have overcome most fears that were common in earlier childhood. But they often start having more anxiety from common stressful situations, such as school performance. We know no fear!

Okay, looks like everything’s progressing as expected, so we’ll just carry on. Cheers!