100 comments on Relax Your Mind, Body, & Soul by Staff Picks

Five tracks in and Ive found the non-instrumental! Its so hard to find playlists that list "instrumental" that dont have vocals.

I like this very much, very relaxing to the mind, body and soul. This is really a very nice station, I like it very much. I am so glad that I found it.

I love this playlist, by far the best one I've ever heard, it's great for studying. I've listened to this playlist since I started college, Its been a year and I'm still listening to it. great job to whom ever did this playlist. kudos to you

I have become mad with my philosophy theory and I cant just stop thinking about life and stuff, its like Im cursed , cant do nothing else but think think think, my inner voice, my consious? is killin me ... Sometimed I think this is bless for achieving great things in life, but most of the time it kills me and stops me from living my life , share it with others. Have I become mad? dont know yet but I certainly will continue living with this God has sent me!

Listen to this a ton and I always skip Pure Shoes, just doesn't fit with the jive of the rest of the songs. Other than that, unreal playlist!