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We've All Gone Pete Tong


"8tracks is the future of radio."
-Pete Tong | DJ & Producer, BBC Radio 1

Legendary DJ Pete Tong teams up with the 8tracks staff to bring you this bass-loving playlist - packed with 8 of the best electronic tracks sure to make you move.

“Pete Tong has been long regarded as the global ambassador for electronic music. We at 8tracks share his ambition for bringing new artists to light and empowering music discovery through people.

It’s an honor to have Pete #back8tracks as an investor and member of our vibrant DJ community.“
-David Porter, CEO & Founder, 8tracks

Hundreds more DJs and artists have banded together to #back8tracks in a show of support for our crowdfunding campaign. Learn how you can join them and invest in 8tracks here:

Tune in to hear more of the incredible handcrafted #back8tracks mixes here:

Cover artwork bottled at the source by Maximillian Piras (@maximillian).

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