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(n): the state or practice of total lack of awareness or indifference to the universe at large or the effects of one's actions on those around him

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I never have the right words to say to you Sam. I can never explain how wonderful your mixes make me feel...

Thanks man! Your support of my odd little experiments means an awful lot to me. I really appreciate the feedback.

Well, I hope you had some nice things to say to yourself. You're a swell fella, deserving of a heapful of compliments. Either way, I'm glad I could help.
Thanks for stopping by!

Oh wow, such a unique playlist! I was hooked with the first note I heard. This is EXACTLY the kind of list I've been looking for.

Thank you!!!
I can't tell you how happy that makes me!
If you're interested, I have a few others in a similar vein in this collection:
Maybe you'll find something else there that satisfies.