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your ticket is punched

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Based on the scant information gleaned from your newly created profile, I can only assume that you are unfamiliar with 8tracks. Allow me to respond to your comment and, hopefully, explain a few things about this site in the process. This is not a place for self-promotion; on the contrary, I view it as a forum for promoting the work of artists whom I admire. Nearly all of the music featured on 8tracks is created by someone other than the person compiling the individual mix where it may be heard. In my experience, most responsible users give credit to the image artist (if that information is available at the source) when uploading artwork that is not their own to accompany their mixes. Thus, the site functions as a promotional tool for both visual and musical artists through the work of their fans.
For that reason, I thank you for providing me further information to link to the image on this mix, which may now also serve as a free promotional tool for Mr. Hot’s music.

If I may ask, are you, or do you represent, either the visual artist or musician in question here? Whatever your affiliation, you should be aware that this image has been circulating throughout Facebook and the Web in general with no mention of Emir Hot or his album, featuring only the last name of Luka Skalabrin, the artist who created the image. After stumbling upon the image, I had to perform a separate search to locate the artist’s full name, so as to give him credit for the work here in the description for this mix. As it is such a captivating image, I find it unlikely that I am the only person who has chosen to use it in this manner.

I invite you to listen to this mix to see whether the association with the music I have chosen to accompany the image offends your sensibilities. If not, I would like to continue to use the image, as I find that it perfectly suits the mood that I was attempting to convey in compiling this mix. I would also be happy to amend my description to use this as an opportunity to promote Emir Hot’s new album. In my opinion, exposure to new artists is the most valuable experience provided by this wonderful site.