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there's no comin' home; with a name like mine


"But his focus was on his reflection—and the question he now asked himself.
Caleb, what are you doing?
He hadn’t gone by that name in years, and he didn’t consider it relevant to the person he was now. Yet whenever Kanan stuck his neck out further than was comfortable, Caleb Dume was usually the culprit. Caleb, the little Jedi cut off before his date with destiny, his career as a galaxy-saving superhero stunted. He couldn’t believe now that he’d ever been that person. That kid didn’t know what real life—or real fun—was like. That boy was a nobody, a never-was. An unwelcome squatter in the back of his grey matter. Whenever Kanan had an idea that Caleb Dume would have agreed with, it was usually better to stay inside and order a double." -Star Wars: A New Dawn

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*Saturn starts playing* Me: screams, dies, expires on the spot as my body bursts into flames while my soul ascends weeping for Caleb Dume