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Umbra's Horizon


12 celestial tracks for the light in shadow, including music by Jon Hopkins, Solomon Grey, and Ocoeur.

"Without pause or preamble, silent as orbits, a piece of the sun went away. We looked at it through welders’ goggles. A piece of the sun was missing; in its place we saw empty sky ... Abruptly it was dark night, on the land and in the sky. In the night sky was a tiny ring of light. The hole where the sun belongs is very small. A thin ring of light marked its place. There was no sound. The eyes dried, the arteries drained, the lungs hushed. There was no world."

– Annie Dillard, 'Total Eclipse’

Cover art:
Mix: @ferrous_goxide and @awakingdream

12 tracks
4 comments on Umbra's Horizon

Love it! Solid selection of familiar and not so familiar. Eight hour reset is a bummer. Learning to bend time to get around.

@mrphares Glad you dig it. If bending time is like fitting dry spaghetti into a tiny pot of boiling water, I can only get the noodles to snap in half. Lmk when you figure it out; it sounds like fun \m/