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that boy's got my heart in a silver cage


for your favorite anime man (mine's erwin, so i'm dedicating this mix to him. but you can dedicate this to your fave.)

this mix is all over the place, i'm sorry.

cover credit:

(really, this mix was totally inspired by this picture, so i'd like to thank the artist for drawing it.)

  • I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Sea Turtle Harmonic
  • Lana Del Rey (full track) by Shades Of Cool
  • Melanie Martinez (Full Studio Version) by Toxic
  • Creep (Radiohead Cover) by Jayme Dee
  • I Wanna Be Yours [Slowed] by Arctic Monkeys
  • Lucky Ones by Lana Del Rey
  • Strangers in the night by Frank Sinatra
7 tracks