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Don't Leave Me Alone


"No matter how many cases you spend hours cogitating over, no matter how many crimes you solve, you're a child in their eyes. It's your brain they're interested in. As long as they need it, you're an ace detective! But once you're done, it's back to the playpen with you. You're just a lonely child."

A mix for the smartest boy I know.
please note that Naoto is a canon transboy and atlus sucks.
Thanks for getting this mix to be a gem!


11 tracks
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yes! it's so hard finding other fans who agree that Naoto is a canon transboy. honestly i don't know what Atlus was doing. this is so great tho, i love Naoto so much ah (also i headcanon him as having bpd)

@plant kid it is super hard to find others who agree its very upsetting tbh >:/ thank you! i never thought of that omg... bpd for naoto is absolutely perfect

This is really awesome thanks so much for making this! also I totally agree that naoto is trans and I don't like how they handled his story either