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Sick of Everything

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ahh this mix is so good!! i love yosuke, he's very interesting and reminds me of myself... which is kind of sad. where was i going with this? oh yeah, i really love your taste in music! i followed you on my old account, so yeah. here i am again.

@ludenberg aaa thank you very much!! the persona shadow mixes is obviously one of my biggest projects. yeah!! theres 3 more in the making! Teddie's, Chie's, and one of my favorite characters; Naoto. I'll have tons of fun picking songs for him! Im really glad you like these mixes so much!! thank you!

@stardrinker I'm excited to hear the rest, especially since Chie is my favorite character! Looking forward to hearing your next mixes, so glad to have come across these! You are by far one of my favorite users!

@ludenberg im glad !! im happy to have taken on this project and im happy people like my mixes! that really means a lot thank you very much!!!

@ludenberg a lot of tfb songs are sprinkled in a lot of my mixes! their music reminds me of bad and good times. well tfb is an indie band!! its not suprise a lot of people dont know them sadly! thanks again!

@stardrinker Flashlight is one of my favorites, I hope to see them live sometime! You're such an interesting person,Stardrinker- I hope you never stop making mixes.~