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still think i'm a monster?


a playlist for this trash ship that i love and adore (and absolutely won't care if they turn out to be cousins)
[also sorry bc track ten is like a little fast and i'm working on finding a track that isn't]

17 tracks
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I love your playlist, I listen to it like everyday bc it is relaxing but at the same time tells their story and so I can study and in the meanwhile I can ship them like nothing before AHHAHA (*confusion*)

also it would be so freaking awesome if Rey managed to bring Ben/Kylo back to the light OMG I'm freaking fangirling now they're meant to be I hope they're not cousins they gotta get together and so does Finn and Poe hahaha

I was a low-key shipper of these two after watching the movie, but then I listened to this mix and I was just like, "Holy shit, I was blind but now I see the light!" I freaking LOVE it!!! I listen to it twice a day but would totally listen to it more if 8tracks would let me, lol

I love this playlist so much, it helps me study and just helps me relax also. And I like that it's a reylo playlist I'm trash for this ship.