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ghost trick for studying


It might sound a little strange, but the soundtrack from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective has helped me study before. So here's a gift from me to you.

Study hard and then reward yourself by getting this fantastic game, or play through it all over again!

art by sora-mito

16 tracks
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Hello! Just thought I'd pop by and tell you that I absolutely LOVE this mix! (In fact, I love it so much that I included a link to it on the short story I submitted to my fiction writing class so that my classmates have a little something to listen to to set the mood while they read. I hope that's alright! :x )

@jeankirschswag What!!! That's so great to hear! And, by all means use it! It's not like it's my music anyway ha ha... Man, I actually wish I could have included more tracks in it if 8tracks would've allowed me.

I've been using this for homework since the start of the school year and I just thought I'd say thanks for making this

@corink I'm so glad to hear that! I wish 8tracks would let me use every track that I wanted to use, but from what's there, I'm so happy that it's helping people! Thank you for letting me know