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the mega christmas playlist


a playlist full of classic christmas tunes, from traditional to modern, to get you in the holiday spirit, no matter what time of the year.
300 christmas tracks, from classic carols to latin to remixes. sadly. this includes dominic the christmas donkey. skip it if you want, nobody will judge you for that.

[edit: 12/26. merry xmas! i hope that this playlist made all your holidays better, and i can't for next year!]

[This playlist is included in an 8tracks official collection. Follow @themed-collections to find an amazing selection of Christmas and Holiday songs. Check out Themed Collections in the forums to participate.]

293 tracks
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This is a phenomenal playlist, and the whole family was loving it until "Holy Shit It's Christmas." I got a glare from Grandma. :( If it weren't for that song we'd be playing it 24/7 from now until Christmas!