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those aren't my pronouns.


when you're stuck with people using the wrong name wrong pronouns wrong everything and you need to scream

a playlist for the trans and nonbinary people out there who are tired of cis people misgendering them

[thank you all for the kind words! keep kicking dysphoria's ass.]
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Not trans, but checking this out- just started the playlist. Well, I guess I'm actually the * in Trans*, but still questioning- Do you guys know what a kind of middle between genderfluid and genderneutral is? I actually normally stick with female pronouns, sometimes I do feel like male ones though, and I can range in being more feminine or masculine, but generally just say my assigned gender when asked if I'm a girl or boy.

@Not_Sure_If_Weaboo hi, i hope you're having a good day! genderfluidity, from what i've heard, can fall on a wide range, and someone can definitely be more feminine most of the time and still be fluid with their gender! demigirl is another term used to describe a nonbinary person who is partially a girl, but not 100%. it takes a lot of thought and questioning (or for me it did, haha!) but i hope that you find a gender that fits you! i'd recommend looking around for trans advice blogs and such if you'd like more advice! of course, i'd totally love to help try and answer any other questions you have!

@crystalpearl Thanks. I do feel kind of like neither, but at the same time both, if you get what I mean. I mean, I'd like a binder- but I still need to get around to getting a size up, can't fit the first I ordered over my face- smaller than thought, but it's kind of just Bleh over here. "So he said.." "She's a she" "Sorry-" "Guys it doesn't matter either way" has happened before