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Yo, Ho, Ho, And a Bottle O' Rum!

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Here's a playlist that speaks to your sense of adventure and gets you through a hard days work. An Assassin's Creed IV mix, with a few other shanties and ballads thrown in for good measure.

I love a good sea shanty and this playlist is full of 'em!

  • Lowlands Away by Rolling Damage Music~
  • Drunken Sailor by The Irish Rovers
  • Derby Ram by Sea Shanty
  • (Sea Shanty) #04 Running Down To Cuba by Revishoin
  • It's a Merry Life, and a Short One by Spastronaut
  • Good Morning Ladies by The Pirate Lord
  • (Sea Shanty) #14 Fish In The Sea by The Pirate Lord
  • He's a Pirate by Klaus Badelt
  • Horizon 1 by Darby McDevitt
  • Pyrates Beware by Danny Orion Strider
  • The High Seas by DasRindvieh
  • Edward Kenway by Derek Anthony Brown
  • Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Main Theme by Brian Tyler
13 tracks
1 comment on Yo, Ho, Ho, And a Bottle O' Rum!

I love Black Flag! Just listening to this track makes me nostalgic. I definitely have to play that game again this summer. Thanks a lot for this! (I kind of miss the sound of the waves though ^-^").

@Saruno Hadaki Me too!! I was thinking of somehow trying to add a waves track or something in because it just isn't the same without the sound of the ocean in the background of Derby Ram or Fish in the Sea!!