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Under the Starry Sky


I was nine years old, lying on the snow, and looking up at the sky. I remember being happy- happy to be me, to be there at that moment, with not a care in the world, just me and the stars... This playlist brings me back to that childhood memory and the feeling of happiness that accompanied it. also makes me think of the person I care the most about. Enjoy.


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I had the SAME moment in my life too! :D when I was 11 years old, ich just lay in the snow and looked up to the stars for about an hour. Today I'm gonna do the same thing :) thanks to your playlist. Thank you So much, the playlist is awsome :)

Explosion In The Sky was my introduction to post-rock... although I didn't know the band's name at the time I heard it at my friend's house I went home and began my search for this amazing music called post-rock.