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Vantastic: Paul's Journey Mix


I'll be on the road folks in my lil cargo/camper van this spring, summer, and fall. This tour combines my Great Lakes Commons work with my need to visit refreshing people and places. These are some of the tunes to keep me company - my trustee passenger songs. I hope you like some of them.

21 tracks
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Track Notes:
1. a good opener, feels like a road trip song.
2. i love this band, some good philosophy here too.
3. one more for the new waves. i was just told that i'm young at heart.
4. it's all about the rhythm on this one. driving under a big sky.
5. drums drums drums. i'll be in Ohio a bit this summer.
6. yes, i've packed my bike.
7. the Letterman video for this will shake you up. life is a gift - live with gratitude.
8. ben tells it like it is.
9. have you ever heard a beautiful song?
10. watch out, this one gets stuck in your head. long notes. perfect.
11. many things, including a song talking about 'the commons'.
12. the zig zag of the perfect little song by the tallest man.
13. i've got plans to be on many more rivers this summer.
14. classic.
15. ok obvious theme here, but come one - those drums!
16. lots of good memories with this song since i used it for a 2008 bike tour video with Otesha.
17. time for a dance song. October feels far away right now but i'll still be on the road.
18. it's impossible to play this song too loud. i've tried.
19. the saddest song with the most hope.
20. the beauty does surround.
21. even the longest journey returns 'home'.