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Final Experiment


A (mostly instrumental) W.D. Gaster fanmix, including some remixes of UT songs.

(Just a disclaimer, though the issue appears to have been fixed, track 6 (Truer Than Fiction) may still inexplicably play a second time later in the playlist even though it only appears once in edit mode. I apologize if this happens!)

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@mdrop yeah, 8tracks seems to be a very broken site/app. I've had a lot of trouble with the site thinking it's playing a song, but no sound comes out and when I pause it it goes back to the beginning. I wonder if the staff has been notified of all the bugs.

@tsunami-s Same. This is a fairly recent issue though, as I've been using the site for years with no problems, so maybe you're right that the staff aren't aware of it. :\

@tsunami-s Thanks for the heads up. I think there's something wrong with the site, because Truer Than Fiction only shows up once on the track list when I go into edit mode. I've actually been having that issue myself though, with songs popping up twice for no reason while I'm listening to a playlist-- it's weird.

@Stealthnerd @tsunami-s Truer Than Fiction shows up twice for me as well. How many songs do you think this playlist has, and what sounds are in slots 6 and 10?

@Stealthnerd @tsunami-s Yeah, this is something I've encountered on 8tracks elsewhere and I'm just trying to understand it. Your playlist played 25 tracks for me (Truer twice), though it lists 24 on the page. Mainly I wanted to understand if another song was being overwritten; it looks like it isn't.

@mdrop @tsunami-s I've had the issue before as well, but up until this point I thought it was just a problem on my end. Have you posted about it in the forums? I may do so, as I don't see anyone asking about it in the help threads. Thanks for your input and help in figuring this out. :)