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the dumbass duo


we don't admit it but we've never seen eye to eye // but it's not through a lack of trying

Cover art by the amazing rejected3 on Tumblr.

Edit: Thank you so much to everyone who's liked or commented on this playlist! I honestly can't believe this got to gold in the first place, let alone 500 likes, and it makes me glad to know people really enjoy listening to it.

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Oh my gosh this is exactly the mix I have been looking for for so long like how u managed to track down these songs is impressive I mean every song is like "oh my gosh that is so them" I love klance and this is the only mix I can listen to to properly love the so yes ik this comment was long but hopefully you read it because wow that would be great

have you ever loved a playlist so much you like it before you even finish because that's me right now with this