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Some words are useless.


Songs that describe the weirdest relationships. Different kinds of music (pop-rock,alternative,metal-core), beautiful & meaningful songs. (Bring me the horizon,Pierce the veil, The devil wears prada and many more) . Actually these songs are amazing *.* I promise I'm in love with this.
It motivates me to clean my room :0

32 tracks
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One day you'll look back on the music you used to listen to and realise how gay BMTH and bands of that genre are. Start listening to some real music. I recommend Foo Fighters, The Black Keys La Disppute etc.

First of all it's really racist (in my opinion) to label them as "gay" & "real" music. I would love to see you explaining why you can consider a band "gay" and why it makes them a bad band. I inform you I listen to bands who have gay members like placebo, which is considered a great band by many. Second, I wouldn't give a fuck about what people like you think of the music i like. Third, you have no idea what kind of music I'm listening to & for your information I listen to "real" music from 60's-90's when music was much better. I hate to ruin it to you but your statement is totally invalid since you don't know my preferances. Oh and you should open up your mind and stop calling GENRES of music names. I don't like country, you don't see me calling its artists gay which isn't even an insult. Get some education, nothing wrong with being gay. Thanks.