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And so the play is finally at an end...


To think it never crossed your mind to stay
Pushes the dagger deep, completes the kill
And yet how much of this was done by me?
Had I the courage would you still have flown?
How sad to think this was not destiny
But my mistake, yet how could I have known?
Now here is my dilemma, as it seems
Do I accept the score that fate has set,
And calmly watch the passing of my dreams
Or do I dare to place another bet
That where the curtain falls another rises.

Emilie Autumm | Goodbye

14 tracks
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Soy de los que sólo escucha lo que otras personas comparten aquí, aunque me gustaría poder compartir mi "taste of music". El problema es que no tengo una conputadora y no sé los pasos a seguir para crear una lista. ¿Me ayudas?