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♥ attack on high school ♥


a mix for class 104 at wall maria high:

jean, captain of the football team (go titans!) hides a secret crush for swimmer marco. prankers connie and sasha make hall monitor armin's life a living hell. christa writes ymir's name over all her notebooks. wrestler bertolt gets feelings for his geeky tutor reiner. star soccer player annie competes for college scholarships. straight-a student mikasa tries to keep stepbrother eren from getting into after school fights.

(fanart by glofii @tumblr)

20 tracks
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also just a little stupid addon to the description, connie seems like the type to play baseball and sasha would probably swim because swimmers eat hella food

and i picture On Top of the World as being the gang at prom and mikasa is head of the planning committee, and annie refuses to dress up so she shows up in practice clothes, and connie breakdances, and sasha kills off all of the little food that is there, and and aaahhhh so cute