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When your crush doesn't like you back.


When your crush doesn't like you back, your kinda sad, and kinda... jealous. My crush just led me on for 2 months, he stopped liking me and started liking someone else. So to all those people out there who have been lead on, or not even given a chance, here is a playlist, a playlist that will cheer your heart up with some sappy and some poppy hip hope tunes to mend your heart. I love you!

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My crush is an assistant from my Maths class. I honestly don't even know his age, but I just fell for him instantly once I talked to him. He isn't like most of the crushes that my friends have. He's shorter than me, weird, awkward and dorky. Frankly, that's exactly why I like him in the first place. Everytime I see him just make my heart skip a beat. Although the lessons are almost over and I'll probably never see him again but knowing him is the best thing ever happened to me. I really want him to know how amazing he actually is.

My crush's name is Luke, and in my opinion, he is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. He's a few inches taller than me, has beautiful greenish-blue eyes, dark hair, and he is so funny! He lead me on for a short amount of time, but that short amount of time ripped my heart out. He would massage my back, grab my hand (and in front of people), look at me like I was the most important thing to him, and his hugs are the best! So me being the stupid bold person I am, decided to tell him that I liked him. What I got back was, "Yeah, um... I don't like you that way." I his text right before heading into school, and the rest of my day was absolute crap. Then after school he texts and wants to talk about what I said to him. He said that he wanted to wait 1.5 years before even thinking about anything to do with me, and I think he thinks I was asking him to date me, which btw, I was not. I was heartbroken.... I've been trying to talk to him and all he does is ignore me. Oh, and he likes one of my best friends now, which makes my heart feel like it's been ripped out, stomped on, torn to pieces, and then put back together with tape... Sorry, I vent through writing. This mix is amazing, thank you! :)

I still have a crush on him right now he has the most beautiful blue eyes and amazing red hair and he's sweet and funny, but he doesn't like me back :"( I sit in my room at night and dream about him then today I got a note from "him" and I showed it to my friends and they randomly started talking to him and, HE DIDN'T WRITE IT AT ALL, turns out someone was playing a joke on him or me it happened to my friend too and I almost cried in the classroom so I went looking for songs to perk me up and I found this so thanks, :"}

@putriwdn Awh baby, im sorry. That's horrible and you know what? You deserve way better ok? You deserve someone who's gonna treat you like royalty and better than they ever did ok? It's gonna get better I promise!! in order to feel true happiness you must encounter real darkness! which is basically just saying you're gonna get hurt a few times before you find the one.