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Photographic Memory


A good playlist to get you in the mood to study. Soothing and calming songs that guarantee me an hour of productivity. This playlist contains mostly of acoustics and guitars. NOTE: Some songs take a couple of seconds to start up. Also, I'll continue to add more songs to this playlist.

  • On Trees and Birds and Fire by I Am Oak
  • Greg Laswell Comes and Goes Full download by OlIvErKhAnOn
  • Wild One by I am Harlequin
  • 12. Requiem On Water by NuestraDrogaFavorita
  • Always Gold by Radical Face
  • Stop This Train (Acoustic Cover) by Cameron Mitchell
  • Paint (The Paper Kites) Cover by Antony May Music
  • Thirteen Thirty-Five by Dillon
  • Boy and Bear (Crowded House Cover) by Fall At Your Feet
  • Big Black Car (Gregory Alan Isakov) by Conor Nickerson
10 tracks