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Bon Iver MUST DIE.....

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Hi Leah. It's not that I don't like indie-turned mainstream bands (I love Depeche Mode) Just think there are thousands other great bands out there who haven't made it yet. I just love discovering them! Watch out for Barcelona Bronze Radio Return and Cuban Cigar Crisis. Think one of them will make it big. Thanks for liking! :-) Steve.

Dont worry, I wasnt judging or being "holier than thou". . . i agree with your rational ! and i really do love discovering. . . .thanks again for the great mix. So much homework has now been completed :D

Wow. Thank you for writing back Leah. Really glad you liked my mix and that you were listening to it when you did your homework! Am looking forward to hearing a mix by you someday. Will keep my ear open!! :-)

Food for though huh, Stommx?! I have to say I agree. If people listen to no more than 15 artists equally, well, where's the fun in that?!!

Had a few beers when I made the playlist Branca! But was getting frustrated wasting hours and hours hearing the same stuff. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Surprised at the amount of listens and likes. Maybe the title had something to do with it! Must make more lists when drinking wine as the truth comes out. Thanks for liking :-)