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Beyond the Forest


Inspired by the track 'Beyond the Forest' from the Desolation of Smaug, intended for dreams of starlight skies and the white light far above the treetops.

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10 tracks
3 comments on Beyond the Forest

what a brilliant instrumental mix! the songs you chose are spot-on in what they convey, and I like how they don't clash with one another. they gives the playlist a feeling of cohesion that makes for a very pleasant listening experience. love it!

This is another stunning mix! So relaxing. I'm really happy to hear 'Moons of Evening Star' (just to let you know the artist is Brad Derrick though).
Also, where did you get that track 'Cookbook Confession'? Do you know where I can purchase it as it doesn't seem to be on the Lady in the Water soundtrack available on iTunes or amazon.
Regardless, amazing mix. Magical.

@Idril WHoops, I'll change that later tonight! Unfortunately, I don't know where to really get it anymore as it was given to me by a friend, but if you convert Youtube videos to MP3s, you can get it that way :)

@stewardssons Yeah no worries, thanks. I was just wondering if I could find a high quality file but might have to resort to youtube conversion since as far as I can tell this extended OST isn't available anymore. Anyway beautiful mix!