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A fanmix inspired by the proud towers of Minas Tirith, the withered tree still yet guarded in the hope that one day it may blossom and the glittering bridge of Ecthelion, for a city steadfast and resolute and utterly unflinching against the darkness of Mordor. {Featuring the soundtracks of The Tudors, How to Train Your Dragon & Stardust}

11 tracks
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aha i've been marathoning your playlists and the amount of contexts you can put test drive in is really getting very funny xD its such a great song, and this whole playlist is so great

Well, I just listened to a little of all of your playlists. I wish I had hours upon hours of time that I could spend just listening to music, reading, painting, and watching cool movies. I'm definitely coming back here and listening to each one in full sometime. Thanks for making them.

Huge, huge fan of this mix. I think you've got the sound just right, the horns & sweeping instrumentals are perfect. I think it's inspired me to make my own on the same theme! Gondor is my favorite culture in Lord of the Rings and I'm so pleased to see it get some musical love here on 8tracks.

This is a gorgeous fanmix that is lush with feelings of wondrous kings, captivating queens, chivalrous knights, and fair ladies. I believe you have captured the atmosphere of Minas Tirith.