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One Last Time

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Okay, I waited until now to listen to this because seeing the movie was enough to rip me apart. This is really well-done, thank you for making it.

I started listen to this mix while turning on my laptop, I ended up sitting on the floor and doing nothing, the tracks chosen are just the best ones ever... Thank you so much.

I listened to this once when you first published it and at least 6 times after seeing BotFA. my heart aches. #OneIsNotEnough

Holy cow this mix is fantastic!! I absolutely love your choice of songs and they all seem to fit botfa so well! I saw it just yesterday and I'm kind of an emotional wreck right now...

thank you so much for this mix - I'm dead inside too, I can't with all of these emotions. Thank you for the coping gift of this music. Bless you!! <3