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Songs for the North, for grey sky and dark trees and stars bright against the sky, for the stone and snow and smoke. Music for ancient trees nestled into ancient earth, for thick boughs hanging over icy streams and chill winds that whisper with the voice of the Gods. Melodies that hint at the old and the remembered, for lore and for legend, for magic long slumbering that might yet reawaken. {Featuring the soundtracks of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, The Dark Knight Rises & Centurion}

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oh my god yes! music from skyrim... THANK YOU <3 i really think that bethesda was inspired by hbo game of thrones ;)

Yeahhhhh, as a bigger Elder Scrolls fan than a Game of Thrones fan, Skyrim was in development way before Game of Thrones S1 and the "medieval" elements of Skyrim were in place and referenced in 2008's Oblivion. Sorry to disappoint, but if anything it'd be the other way around.