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Follow Me Down: A Stydia Mix


for things you wouldn’t think would be a good combination that end up turning out to be like a perfect combination.... like two people together.

10 tracks
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I listened to this like two weeks ago and I loved the songs you picked (FTSK, THE CLICK 5, 1D, HANSON?! Seriously man, good taste), and up until two days ago teen wolf was just a show everyone talks about that I've been holding off and a bunch of tumblr posts that came on my dash from people that I follow who happen to be in the fandom. But then Saturday my friends were catching up with the last 3 recent episodes and Sunday night I thought YOU ARE GOING TO WATCH THIS SHOW ARIKA NO MORE HOLDING IT OFF so I sat my ass down and watched it on Netflix and I just barely finished the first season because I kept rewinding (hellooo hottest cast to ever exist) and I came back here because this is a really good mix and yeah that's my story

I actually have a lot of songs that I wanted to put on but couldn't, so I'm thinking of making a part two-- but thanks so much for the comment!! :) And I'm way happy for you that you've gotten caught up in Teen Wolf because lbr everyone hates Teen Wolf until they actually watch Teen Wolf and see how amazing it is. xx