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Zmey and The Dhamphir


"Don’t take the high ground and assume you already know what you’ll do. The truth is, when it comes to someone you love, you’ll find there isn’t anything you won’t do."

From the beginning til the end.

9 tracks
2 comments on Zmey and The Dhamphir

seriously LOVE this mix, listening to it practically everyday. i love how it's made me think of abe and janine in new and different ways, thank you for making this

Thank you! I love love love them. When I made this I sort of made it like a, this is how they were before the series and little during? Hahahah idk I'm weird.

no, that's what i love about it! how it's not how rose sees them during the series, but about how they were way before she even existed, haha! (and a little bit during too which is so great)
can never get enough!