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Lou Teasdale's #PositivePlaylist


Lou Teasdale put together a #PositivePlaylist for cyberbullying charity The Cybersmile Foundation.

Featuring a selection of Lou's favourite feel good tracks, the playlist is designed to spread positive vibes and make YOU feel happy as the various tunes hit yer eardrums.

Have a listen below and make sure you follow @CybersmileHQ for all sorts of feel-good tweets and tips for dealing with trolls - as well as a #PositivePlaylist put together by a different lovely person each week.

31 tracks
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@harrysflowercrown What!!! Oh My God! I am terrible jealous of you!! She seem so nice and like an amazing person, I love her work with Bleach London and I have just finally found someone who ships it worldwide so i'm gonna colour my hair pink soon. But anyway back to the point, did you go up to her? I don't think I would be able to do that, i would properly have a panic attack just thinking of someone I actually thought high of noticing me and having an opinion about me, i always find it easier to just know that they have ever met me and therefor are unable to have an opinion of me as a person alone, and not as a person in a crowd of fans or admires...