30 comments on Disney Instrumentals by stinkbug2000

great playlist, but you should replace On My Own from Les Misérables with either the movie or Broadway version. the version in this playlist sucks lol.

I really like your playlist!!! Makes my studies less boring!!!
But can you please put out the ones with lyrics? There are some from Les Misérables and it really makes me jump when I heard the firsts lyrics...
Thank you!!!

@Roy.M.Age i think she didn't put any without lyrics since it's better to listen to instrumentals rather than music with lyrics because it helps you focus more! but i agree, les miserable's songs are super nice!! ; 0 ;

Love this playlist! It was great to be in the middle of studying and hear my favorite song from my favorite movie (Almost There/Princess and the Frog) pop up! Everyone usually leaves those songs out~