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I'm not exactly sure why, but chiptune/8-bit/whatever else people call it-type songs have always intrigued me. I like the fact that something so simple-sounding has the potential to be catchy and impressive as well.

  • Pixelspace by Waterflame
  • Subatomic (Large Hadron Collider edit) by chiptune
  • Chiptune by Dubmood
  • Paradise (8-Bit) by Coldplay
  • Happy Chiptune by Dorian ChaosBlack
  • iClown by Gameboy
  • Chiptune 7 by Do What You Must
  • Made Me Realize (Chiptune) by "That" Technique!
  • Shutter [8-Bit Chiptune Remix] by Mötæ
  • Bravely Default Chiptune: Asterisk Battle Theme by Dachampster
  • Wicked by Texas Hippie Coalition
  • Iine! (chiptune arrangement by cookiegamemusic) by BABYMETAL
  • Bit NES by Calliope's Castle [8
  • Chiptune by DJK
  • Geometry Dash | Waterflame by Jumper
  • Electroman Adventures by AngelousRipper
16 tracks
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