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// 8 Reasons to be Alive //

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// Here since before the name //

  • Stereo Kicks by Rún
  • Stereo Kicks by I'll Stand by you
  • Let It Be / Hey Jude (Medley) by Stereo Kicks
  • Belieber For Life by Charlie Jones
  • I Can't Make You Love Me (Arena Auditions X Factor UK 2014) by James Graham
  • Jake Sims by forget it
  • Jake Sims & Joe Roberts by Love Me Again (cover)
  • Jake Sims & Joe Roberts by Too Close (cover)
  • What Love Is by Tom Mann
  • TOM MANN by Tom Mann
  • Reece Bibby by Latch (Instrumented)
  • Sad Song by We The Kings ft. Elena Coats
  • I'm A New Soul by Jay Z Ft. Yael Naimï
13 tracks