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A Daughter of Two Worlds


A playlist for an oc my best friend, Mothra and I made named Kishibe Kaguya.

Story goes that we decided to just drop Rohan into the world of Fire Emblem: Fates and he happens to romance Corrin of Hoshido. She dies in battle and he takes his 15 year old daughter, Kaguya back to Morioh with him. She is taken from the deeprealm and leaves everything she's ever known behind.
Kaguya is a fifteen year old girl who is home schooled by her father and she is getting to understand the world around her. She befriends the Duwang and accompanies them on their...bizarre adventure.
She loves the color pink, peaches and wind magic. She dislikes extremely salty foods, loud crowds, and red apples.

This playlist is supposed to give a feel of what Kaguya is like.
Please enjoy!

11 tracks
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