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New Eternity of Other Kings

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Allegretto grazioso / Tjeknavorian

May 16, 75 / Daniel Moore

Allegro Piradissimo / Satwa

Geraldine and the Honeybee / Willis Alan Ramsey

I Once Met You / Andrew Dwyer

Sunday Morning / Amanaz

I Miss You / Wyndrush

Glass Chaim / Inoyama Land

When He Came Home / C.O.B.
I'll Slip Away / Rodriguez
Mr. Moon / The Clover

Hello. This may be kind of weird but I just want to tell you that this mix and all your other mixes here on 8tracks really, really mean a lot to me. I can't even remember how I discovered it (I think i stumbled upon "Hawks out" or "Cicadas" in 2012) but I have been listening to the playlists constantly barely knowing any track or even interpret, but really liking them all. Many of them became favourite tracks, that really accompanied me through the last 2 years or so. It feels really weird to say that here publicly in the comments and all but these mixes are amongst the top 10 things I found on the internet ever.
I really hope you make a new mixtape some day or can point me to other compilations if you did any (I really like your tumblr as well, btw!)
I often wonder who you are and I really hope you're in a good place and have a great life - I'm a big fan.
thanks a lot and all the best