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when shuffle does a pretty bang-up job.


i was just sitting on my bed, doing my history homework, when bam. shuffle on my ipod started playing a seriously great line-up of songs. i was pleasantly surprised, and this proved to be an excellent study/sleep playlist.
the shuffle chose: keane, duffy, deas vail, and more.

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Ah, so! Due to my newfound LOVE of Spotify, I also just made a :) Not sure how to follow you or whatever, but yeah! I also don't really understand how it works... but it looks sweet.

Yayyy awesome! Yeah, it does take awhile to get used to, what with scrobbling and all that. But it's worth it. You can find me and add me here: or if you want, tell me your username and I'll come find you! (And if you have questions, feel free to ask :D)