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a collection of rad songs to say happy birthday. (p.s. this is why I asked you what your favorite types of songs were #sneaky). for bae, from babe.

we've been friends for, what... 5 years now? here's to that, and all the ups and downs we helped each other through. here's to loads more years. here's to the conversations about time changes, story ideas, travel, music, RPs, books, and everything else. here's to Alex, Scott, Isabelle, and all the others. here's to the good times and the bad times, to Canada and the UK, and our shitty weather and small towns. I wish I could be there to give you a real present/food/a hug, but until that time, this'll have to do.

(I thought the pic looked like u and me and then the railroad tracks symbolize the distance between UK and Canada #artsy).

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