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Vow of Silence


Pieced together the full OST from the credits minus the following songs. Hope you enjoy!

Nice (Black Rainbows Instrumental) by The Crystal Method . Kill Saw by The Crystal Method . White Tears by Shine Brothers . Unspoken by Mackenzie Fernandez . Les Esprits d'Animaux - Tobias Enhus & The Crystal Method

13 tracks
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That movie was great but it's been almost 2 years now since the movie was released. The song was so beautiful why won't they release it yet?!

THANK YOU for making this playlist. i hate the fact that i can't find the song from the last dancing scene anywhrre

@reflected They haven't released that song yet, unfortunately. It is Les Esprits d'Animaux by Tobias Enhus & The Crystal Method. I look forward to when they do! I adore that song as well.