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Bellissima Italia


Vacationing in Italy is like a brief love affair with a passionate woman; it ends too soon and the memory of her perfume burns forever in your soul. Maybe this mix will inspire my return to Rome...

Feat. Vinicio Capossela + Gianmaria Testa + Lucilla Galeazzi

[Cover art: Sophia Loren in Italy, 1961]

13 tracks
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I do believe you have struck a chord with this mix. I looooove italian/french cafe lounge music. I am definitely in for a treat here. Thank you for this!

@nulkmad I love all sorts of tea! Black tea with , funky herbal concoctions, chai, rooibos... Bitter Japanese green tea is my personal favorite. What sort of painting? I am a painter myself and 8tracks is priceless for studio music :)

@storygirl I'm brewing a black tea with lemon in my dragon steeper. :D As far as right now, the canvas is blank. However, I never discover what I want to paint until I do the background. I know a lot sketch first, then paint. But I find my abstractness from pulling the image out of the background is sorta my flow style. nulkmadatgmaildotcom - shoot me an email, i would love to exchange/talk art with you! if you want, of course. :D