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Jazz for Reading


Light piano, velvety horns, and soft snare drums to satisfy book lovers everywhere! A steady tempo and minimalist solos will enhance your study time without causing distraction. Let me know what you read to this mix! I need new book recommendations...

This relaxing collection is selected from the 1950's (plus a couple from 1939 and 1962.)

Feat. Count Basie + Duke Ellington & John Coltrane + Horace Silver

Vol. 2:

18 tracks
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This is a great playlist. I just recently re-read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. It's not only a phenomenal read, it's eerily appropriate in today's economic climate!

excellent playlist, ty! I'm not reading anything at the moment - working, but this music simply makes me happy! in terms of books, I'm currently reading North and South - by Elizabeth Gaskell. I'm mixed about this book - I love Victorian literature - but this one is too moralizing and patronizing for my taste. It has some nice parts, though. All in all, I feel really bad for quitting a book, so I'm a bit struggling with finishing it - while at the same time finding it relaxing sometimes - it doesn't make me think a lot (dunno how good that is).

I'm listening to this while working on a rewrite of the constitution for my AP Gov class, but this would be a great playlist to read this book I haven't gotten a chance to read yet, 'The Darkness Knows'. It's set in 1938 and it's surrounded by a murder and a radio actress. The few pages I've read were great!

Good company for my copy-editing this morning! My reading is academic articles, but if you want a novel recommendation, I've been on a Siri Hustvedt kick. What I Loved is my fave of hers thus far, but I also enjoyed The Blindfold and The Enchantment of Lily Dahl. All are a wee bit eerie if that's your thing. Thanks for the nice mix!