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Serpentine Surrender


As darkness falls the sensual contortionist winds into an inverted crescent, echoing the night's pearlescent half-moon. Savor a seductive taste of middle eastern bellydance with a venomous twist from India, Afghanistan, Lebanon and beyond...

Features Debashish Bhattacharya, Mahwash, El Almaas Band and more...

Serpentine Splendor:

14 tracks
2 comments on Serpentine Surrender

I love it, i am a teacher/Dancer who wants to make a DVD, i can't use my music because of copyright, would i be able to use this music, i don't understand how it all works x

I love this! I am challenged to stand at my station and type legibly while working out the kinks. And no one can see me........

Oh my gosh! I thought it was you in the pic. It is beautiful. Please do find a teacher or if you cannot contact Dahlal at to have her help you find dance training videos that reflect your music likes. I started just like you did, Find the music that moves you. Then I started going to near by belly dance seminars. And I was hooked. After much training with as many teachers as I could find I found side jobs to support my habit by dancing in restaurants. And even if you do not perform in public. What a fun way to get in really good shape. Go for it!!!

@bdancer202 Thank you for the awesome advice! I can't wait to get started. Do you have any DVDs or youtube instructors that you personally enjoy? Thanks for the encouragement!! :) :)

@bdancer202 That's the best! I've been wanting to learn to belly dance for ages now and thought collecting some musical inspiration would motivate me. ;) Glad you enjoyed!