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therefore repent: music for a melancholy christmas


Tired of wassail and good cheer and fa-la-la-ing? Does your taste in holiday music extends more towards the dark and gloomy? Do you prefer your carols in a minor key? Are you disappointed when they don't do the myrrh verse in "We Three Kings"? If you can appreciate reminders, in song, that adorable baby Jesus is going to grow up to die an excruciating death while his mother watches, that the Christmas story includes a considerable number of slaughtered infants, that this was all done to save YOU from burning in hell eternally like you deserve, and that while you're listening to this mix in your nice cozy house there are poor people freezing and starving in the cold, horrible winter, this may be the mix for you. You miserable bastard.

21 tracks
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Even if the mix wasn't pure perfection, this would be worth the "❤" for the description alone. Thus, may I say, from the bottom of my heart, from one miserable bastard to another: Merry Christmas.

Yes! Finally! A Christmas list with some real Advent Fast spirit! I love it so much, I'm listening to it a week after Russian Christmas was over ;-P

Great list so far. I'd also been listening to the Spotify list 5vDv2IjNbw3vRy9SP1jroQ . it is a bit more jolly but still with some darkness. Is there anything like that on 8track? Have you got Frankie Armstrong Anti Carol here.? I don't know how to look at the full list here on 8track.