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Death Metal, not Deathcore.


Death Metal, the core is nice and all, but everyone needs a dose of the genre that forefathered it all, yet, with a modern touch. This isn't shit from the 90's bro, modern Death Metal bands, even progressive aspects are noticeable in this mix.

This mix includes artists such as Dimmu Borgir, Amon Amarth, and Arch Enemy.

20 tracks
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good mix, i totally enjoyed listening to it, and i commend your taste in music. But you may want check your facts, and reconsider how your describe this mix. Many of the bands you have on here such as Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, and Opeth were all around in the 1990's. Besides, Dimmu is 2nd wave black metal/symphonic black metal. and Through the Eyes of the Dead is definitely a -core band. Not hating on your mix, it rocked. Just sayin.

I realize they were around in the 90's, however, the albums these songs are from not. And they definitely don't sound the same as they did in the 90's. It's not as specific as you have described obviously it's just to tell the difference when people post a Deathcore mix and a Death Metal mix, if I wanted to be that intricate I would make another mix labeled "Symphonic Black Metal". I am glad you enjoyed listening to it however, \../(><)\../ :)