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A Life in a Day of a Stranger

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Please comment as a reply so the story stays at the top, otherwise it will just be deleted. This is a collaborative 'mixtale' in where the music and the story go together. Read the story as you listen. The song titles are in quotations, in which you should stop at when reading until that track is finished in order to not get ahead of the mixtale. It is suggested you listen to it in one sitting, but is broken up into parts (part 2 being longer) incase you are unable to. Anways, here is the tale...hit play and enjoy!

Part 1

It was 6AM. A light dew clung to the glass. He stood up. His haggard body stretched and his dawn-lit silhouette seemed to grow as his upper limbs reached for the ceiling. Today would be "The Day [he] Would Never Have." He staggered over to the sink, turned the faucet, and splashed some water on his face. After looking in the mirror for a few seconds, dripping, he wiped his face with his shirt and walked downstairs. He gripped the door knob to the outside world, and for a split-second, he felt like he was put "On the Spot," but the feeling dissipated with ease. He opened the door.

The chill air struck his face. The fresh country air filled his lungs and a distant sound of gulls "riding thermals" above the rolling fields caught his attention. He stood basking in the sunlight for a minute closing his eyes, taking in the radio broadcast from the kitchen and the ticking of the grandfather clock in the hall of the house on "Bathwick Hill".

As soon as he opened his eyes everything seemed to shift. The sound of the grandfather clock twisted and the colors of the scenery surrounding him were slowly drifting in between shades of light and dark. A gust of wind blew by, picking up his skin with it. Nature seemed to whisper through the wind and in a wisp it called him "Bojestvo." The clouds transformed from white to gray, from gray to black. He looked up at the looming sky with concerned eyes and he said: "Abeo." He was unsure as to how the words came out of his mouth, or what they even meant. It was as if someone had spoken through him. Though he did not know it at the time, he was experiencing "A Necessary End."

Part II

Grabbing a heavy raincoat he pulled the door behind him and headed down the hill towards the distant village, into the wind. The rush of the river could be heard further down the road. He thought of the bridge that would be approaching around the next bend. With all its unusual carvings and statues, the bridge was where he had spent so much of his youth. On spring days a few friends would join him at the bridge after school (or indeed, instead of school) and tell each other stories about the different characters on the bridge. The names they gave them so many years ago had stuck; Harold the Gay Prophet, Animal Andy and the Bridge of Bazaar. He stopped at "Penelope on the Boredom Bridge" and leaned over the edge of the worn railing to watch the river flow underneath. He had a sudden flashback to the time he and Andrew had taken mushrooms here at the bridge and witnessed "A Double Rainbow In Curved Air," or at least that's how he remembered it. He smiled, drew his coat collar up against the wind, and continued walking down the road.

As he trudged down the road, the gusts of wind suddenly stopped. The skies cleared and a few rays of sunshine danced on the damp road. As the village came closer into view, so did his childhood memories. As if under a cosmic spotlight, he noticed a "Faraway Swimmingpool"--one that looked familiar to him as a child, and he began walking towards it. His surroundings blurred as the swimming pool came closer. The shimmering reflection from the pool grew stronger and his field of vision was filled with blue light. Without thinking, he dove into the water. Time seemed to stop. As he slowly emerged he noticed familiar faces from his early childhood, but was unable to get anybody’s attention--except a man with a white shirt and swimming trunks. The mysterious man stared him through his eyes into his soul, took a sip of his thick, purple drink, and said "Past is Prologue," with a smile.

He climbed out of the pool and the water dripped from his clothes like "Bluerain" splashing on the tiles, where it made its way back to the pool or just hung around waiting to be absorbed into the atmosphere. The man in white held out a towel and a smile to him and he took both with a slightly embarrassed gratitude, which quickly faded when he remembered that the others by the pool could not see him. He noticed a woman approaching clutching a dry white shirt and swimming trunks. She gave him the same stare as the man. He quickly dried off and changed. The three in white made their way through the others. The mysterious man sipped the last of his drink and placed the empty glass on a table. There was a small flash of light between the glass and the table just before the two objects made contact. He noticed more flashes around him. Looking up he saw two birds darting around and as they came close small flashes appeared between them; "Birdstatic," he thought.

He continued to follow the enigmatic couple, almost as if he had no choice. It was not until he felt that there were "Three People's Presence[s]" that he realized why they were so alluring. He became curious of this feeling, as he could only see the now nude couple in front of him. The landscape in front of them became distorted; the same type of blurring he experienced before. The first time it happened he had not thought much of it, but rather 'went with the flow.' But this time, as soon as he recognized it, he was swept up by an "Idiom Wind." In this windy swirl of consciousness, he had an immediate understanding of all the problems that existed in his world. He realized that this was no longer an intricate dream, and his suspicion of his death was confirmed at this point. Oddly enough, he was overcome with a sense of joy.

Voices swirled around in his head, familiar voices, but he felt he no longer needed to listen to them. He felt freer and wiser than ever. His thoughts travelled beyond the voices, deeper, into his "Lower Mind". It was no longer his eyes that were seeing, but rather something deep inside him. The two figures were but "Ghost[s] of Love [in his] (Inland Empire)" and he thought ‘How strange what love does when you're all alone.’ The images in him were fading and being replaced by a warm glow that grew and pulsed with intensity like an approaching train. He did not feel alone, al-one, all one. Realizations flooded him like the pool and, as water, he embraced them like water.

His senses overwhelmed, he began to fade. Calmness had set in. He began to hear some sort of chanting approaching. It was an "Invocation" to the Light, and he was hypnotized by it. The voice echoed through his mind and reverberated throughout the universe. Like a sudden awakening, his body was electrified. It was like some sort of "Spirit Fingers" had reached out and grabbed him. He sensed the immediate presence of The One and knew that soon he would have to make a big decision.

Part III

He found himself becoming conscious of himself, grasping, at life. Then the inner "Egowar" began. He concentrated on his ego-self not being a thing, not what he really is, but a mental construction and that the anxiety generated for the simple reason that he does not know and cannot know what this thing that he supposedly is is. Tragicomic, he thought. No amount of protection can ever protect nothing. He then knew he was winning and victory was at hand.
He began to reflect on the past experiences, one of the last ‘human’ things he would do “Concerning [his] Entrance into Eternity.” One thing he remembered before his death was a small bug crawling on the floor. He recalled watching the bug for a few minutes, absorbed by its beauty. With all the pain and suffering in the world he could not believe that a moment like this could strike so much importance in him. Upon realizing that, he decided that his “Rebirth” would occur. December 21st, 2012 under a small country bridge emerged a new life into a bright, new world.