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Strangers' Dropatale



1. Journey to Earth
a. departure
b. entry
2. Mountain Caves of Bayan Har Shan
a. remote isolation
b. strange new land
3. Disabled Ship
a. exploration of the unknown
b. no sign of hope
4. First Contact
a. han tribe hiding
b. outcasts
5. Han Hunters
a. fear of the masses
b. unforgiving forests
6. Evidence Cover Up
a. shaping the conspiracy
b. burying the light
7. Rediscovered Signs
a. story in the grooves
b. circuit hum
8. Chariots of the Gods
a. escape pod
b. parallel planet

16 tracks
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@RabidRod I noticed that when it was published we forgot one track so I unpublished it and added a track to complete it. It was republished on the 5th of December and you listened on the 11th so it should have had 16! Might have to have a go and check for myself. THanks for tuning in!