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s t e r o



for all the lifetimes where they were not happy. lifetimes where they didn't fall in love. lifetimes where they didn't even meet.


perhaps in the next life


artwork credit goes to moonassi

the liner notes for this mixtape is here:

14 tracks
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I'm not sure where to say this so i'll just post it here:

Twice I've stumbled across your blogs (fyeah kindie on tumblr and strange seasons on blogspot) and twice i've been extremely impressed. I love your mixtape liner notes and just everything about your fyeahkindie blog. Really seems like you're helping out the scene a lot.
although we dont have the exact same taste in music, i really appreciate your passion for music in general. Sometimes i wish my canadian friends were more into k-indie, but even my friends in korea aren't don't know much about it.
Thanks a lot for your translation of Casker - 천 개의 태양 (A Thousand Suns) and keep up the awesome work.

From one k-indie fan to another,

I have no idea, they're not active anymore so it's more difficult to acquire their songs I think :l sorry. but I'm pretty sure there are sites/plug-ins that let you download 8tracks playlists? you can try googling it perhaps. sorry! :l